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Alkaline water benefits: What is alkaline water?

Drinking Alkaline water has too many benefits as compared to normal water.
It helps to slow down the aging process, regulate the pH levels for the body.
Alkaline water controls acid levels in the body, which the normal water cannot do this the same thing.
The alkaline water benefits are very useful but it includes some of the effects in our daily life.

What is pH water?

The pH of pure water is approximate 7. if the Ph is greater than 7 then water considers as acidic, the water considers as basic if the PH is less than
Is alkaline water bad for you?

Drinking natural alkaline water is good for health, the alkaline water is good in mineral.
Yes! alkaline water is not natural, Alkaline water prepares in the lab which is harmful than the normal.

Can we drink too much alkaline water?

many alkaline water benefits but some effects appear.

There is no clue the Alkaline water improves our health, but there is no issue to drink the alkaline water too much.

There is no recommended amount of health improves by drinking alkaline water.

If you wish to start drinking alkaline water then start from less then day by day harmful for health.

What is a recipe for alkaline water benefits?

Then shake the mixture for some time, when all the baking soda in the water, then you got your alkaline.
If you want to start drinking alkaline water then follow this recipe and start from the less and increase day b
Side effects of alkaline water:
Alkaline water has some good effects along with the bad effects.. Too much drinking the alkalinity water also agitate the body of pH, these are some side effects.

Is alkaline water good for dogs?

Water is a natural source of vitamins, minerals, and nutrition. Alkaline ionized water contains enough of ionized minerals and antioxidants.

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